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Ham Baby

Back in 2008, Mitchell Delicatessen opened at 1402 McGavock Pike and quickly became a neighborhood favorite. They became so popular that by 2013 they needed to move to a larger space, though just down the street and across Riverside Drive, to 1306 McGavok. Not long after that, Mitchell’s acquired a mural on its west side (see below). I never wrote about that one, mostly because I never got around to finding out who the artists were. I was informed by Kim Radford, the creator of the newer mural featured above (it went up in April and May, 2018), that the original mural had been done by some of the employees at Mitchell Delicatessen. By 2018 the old mural had begun to deteriorate, and the owners were ready for a new one.

Old Mitchell Mural Nashville street art

The old mural had been a little obscure in its imagery. The sandwich and the guitar are obvious, as was the sunrise based on a Tennessee state flag. On the other hand, why the original artists chose to include what appears to be a large cockroach and some Pac-Man like figures is less clear.

Radford’s mural is a different story. She chose to call it “Ham Baby,” and boy is it ever. This is a deli, and of course they serve a lot of ham, but a giant anthropomorphized sow with a “Greetings from Nashville” bikini definitely has presence. Her wink and flower tattoos only amplify the over-the-top nature of this fun mural. You can see closeups of the mural on Radford’s Instagram page. Indeed, she put up a whole series of posts on the mural’s creation. See links below.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve.

Both of my pictures of the two murals are taken at an angle because of a fence and retaining wall that separates Mitchell’s parking lot from the driveway below and which obscure a more direct shot.

Located at 1306 McGavok Pike. The mural is on the west side of the building (in the direction towards Gallatin Road). There is some limited parking at Mitchell Deli. Be aware that the parking at the end of the driveway in the alley is reserved for another business. There’s paid parking to the east just off Riverside, on the other side of Village Pub.



This is another of those “why I have I waited so long to post about this one” posts. Certainly, anyone in the habit of driving north on Gallatin in East Nashville is familiar with the train on the side of Inglewood Hardware, more properly known as Inglewood True Value. (The first link is to local store’s Yelp page, the second to corporate.) This is obviously an Eastside Murals piece, professional home of Ian Lawrence and Sterling Goller-Brown. The mural went in last year. Why a train? Perhaps because of the train tracks that run back behind the store. It does provide good color on a very busy road, and makes the store hard to miss.

Located at 3214 Gallatin Pike. The mural is on the south side of the building. There is parking in front and on the mural side of the building. If you park in front, you’ll be backing up onto Gallatin when you leave. Load up on home improvement gear and enjoy the art!


Down by the river

Neighborhood mural street art Nashville
“Riverside Village Mural” by Andee Rudloff is a familiar sight to anyone who spends time in the Inglewood area of East Nashville, as it has graced the busy street corner of McGavock and Riverside since 2011. And of course, there’s a video!

Located on the northish wall of the used furniture store at 1312 McGavock Pike, at the corner of Riverside Drive. Parking can be a bit complicated, as this is a commercial district on the rise.

QR street art Nashville mural

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