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This is post number 300. For this post, I’m updating on the art I know is now gone. The photo above is an Emily Miller piece once found at the corner of Main and McFerrin. Much of Miller’s work is deliberately temporary, drawn on paper and glued to outdoor walls. Her pieces are more durable than you might think, however, and in fact, this one was deliberately removed when the building was repainted. That’s the fate of most of the works listed here – they have been painted over. Others are gone because the building they stood on is gone.

The blog itself is getting a little better all the time. Statistics wise, since I started it in July 2016, 5450 people have visited the blog for a total of 11,006 page views. Modest, but it has been growing. From a couple hundred views a month when I got started, 800 and 900 has become common, it looks like the blog is about to close in on the second month in a row and third overall for more than 1000 views. The empire grows slowly.

All art is temporary, outdoor art in particular. A list, probably incomplete, of art I have chronicled that is gone or substantially erased. (I will be updating these posts in the coming weeks):

Ask not who the wrecking ball calls for (one building destroyed, another painted over)

The Vape USA Gallery (painted over)

The doomed graffiti wars of Madison Mills (painted over)

Unsafe at any speed (painted over)

Ch-ch-ch-changes! (removed – the Miller piece above)

The Carquest Gallery, Part 1The Carquest Gallery, Part 2 (partially painted over)

Where you at?! (painted over)

Color me gone – soon (building destroyed)

The ghost of craft beers past (painted over)

A flower grows in East Nashville (painted over; replaced with new mural)

Going, going gone (painted over)

Sorry you missed the show (painted over)

Children’s Art on Jefferson Street (removed)

Super visible, very temporary, hard to reach (replaced with a billboard)

Woodland creatures, Part 1 (severely deteriorated, and then removed)

The Zoop Gallery on 8th South (removed and/or deteriorated, replaced)

The ruins of 21st and Linden (lost to construction)

Oz Arts Inside/Out, Part 2 (removed)

On imagined seas (painted over, replaced with new mural)

Big Blue (painted over, replaced with new sign)

Frutas! (partially painted over, replaced with new mural)

Wanda (painted over, replaced with new mural)

Super visible, very temporary, hard to reach

graffiti art street art billboard Nashville
This graffiti installation is highly visible as you head south on I-24 just past the I-65 interchange but before the Jefferson St. exit. It’s temporary of course — that’s way too valuable real estate to leave it in place for long. Expect it to disappear soon.

I can’t really shoot it from the interstate though, so I tried to approach it from off Dickerson Rd. The various businesses along that stretch of Dickerson though have a lot of fences and a lot of razor wire, and this is as close as I got, looking through a fence at the end of a driveway on the north side of Capitol City Scaffolding. It was only after I got out of the car that I realized the end of that driveway is something of a homeless encampment. I didn’t feel unsafe, but I did feel rude just barging into their space.

Located between Capitol City Scaffolding and I-24 at 808 Dickerson Pike. Maybe if you ask nice at CCS they’ll let you back there, but the place looks like a bit of a fortress. Best viewed heading south on the east side of the loop on I-24. And soon, as before long this post will likely be the only evidence it was ever there.

Well, the artist probably took pictures.

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