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Or at least that’s what the dedicatory plaque calls it. But on the Norf Art Collective’s project page for this mural, it’s called “Family Matters.” No matter, it’s rather impressive either way. Put up last November, it honors Diane Nash, Curlie McGruder, Z. Alexander Looby, and John Lewis. I let the Tenessee Tribune explain who they are:

Curlie McGruder was a tremendous supporter of Nash and Lewis as they led the desegregation of Nashville lunch counters with sit-ins and organized the “Freedom Rides” in the Jim Crow South. E. Alexander Looby was a lawyer and in this capacity he protected many Civil Rights activists…John Lewis was a prominent figure in the Civil Rights Movement and has recently toured the United States speaking about his experience and the changes he played a part in making.

The small plaque on the right side dedicates the mural to Rev. Bill Barnes, a longtime affordable housing advocate who died just a few months before the mural went up. It’s fitting then that the mural is found on the side of an Urban Housing Solutions property, a private non-profit that builds and administers affordable housing. The mural is yet another project sponsored by the local office of Google Fiber.

There’s a video from the Norf Art Collective page showing the mural going up.

Located at 2615 Clarksville Pike. The mural is located on the Northwest side of the building. There is a fair amount of parking behind the building and much more at a small shopping complex across and south a bit the street on 26th Avenue. People live here, so be respectful.


Down by the river

Neighborhood mural street art Nashville
“Riverside Village Mural” by Andee Rudloff is a familiar sight to anyone who spends time in the Inglewood area of East Nashville, as it has graced the busy street corner of McGavock and Riverside since 2011. And of course, there’s a video!

Located on the northish wall of the used furniture store at 1312 McGavock Pike, at the corner of Riverside Drive. Parking can be a bit complicated, as this is a commercial district on the rise.

QR street art Nashville mural

Or you could just watch the video 

Colorful street art mural East Nashville
I live in East Nashville and have walked and driven down Woodland thousands of times, but only recently noticed this work because an intervening building was torn down. New construction will soon render it invisible from the road again.

Painted on the back west wall of 914 Main Street, it is signed Rebecca + Andee Moreland 2015 and reads “Love Loud Sing Freak Soul.” [UPDATE: Despite how it reads, I’m positive the “Andee” here is Andee Rudloff, who is responsible for a number of local projects.] Rebecca Moreland is the name of a Nashville musician who has a song out called “Freak Soul,” and the video features her and some others creating this mural, making this a multi-media work.

Located on the back west wall of 914 Main Street, which Google calls “Classic Auto Works,” though there’s no sign. You can’t really see it from Main Street, however. Go to the alley that runs parallel to and between Woodland and Main along the 900 block. This mural lies off that alley, behind The Basement East.

Jay Jenkins and the Norf Collectve

Here’s a short film describing the work of artist Jay Jenkins, who is part of the Norf Collective, which has produced a number of pieces seen around town, working primarily in North Nashville. Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in where some of this art comes from.

Choice Documentary – Jay Jenkins from Drew Goodwin on Vimeo.

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