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East Nashville History

People and Places

I love it when other people do my research. The East Nashvillian pretty much has it covered in this article concerning the murals at Stacks on Main. Seriously, just read the article. Three murals by Bryan Deese depict some famous people and landmarks from the east side. They are spread out enough that I’m using only one, “People and Places,” for the header photo. (See below for the rest.) That, of course, is Oprah Winfrey and fellow East Nashville High alum Mayor Bill Boner floating above their alma mater, while Edwin Warner, a prominent East Nashville businessman for whom the park is named, takes center stage. “Music on Main” honors musicians who have recorded at Woodland Studios, while “Trains & Trolleys” honors the old L&N lines that ran through East Nashville. I mean it, read the article.

Trains and TrolleysMusic on MainStacks Full

Located at 535 Main Street. The murals are on the east side of the building, facing the small road (Yeaman Place) that comes off of Main St. and separates Stacks from Fifth and Main. There is visitor parking for Stacks on that road.

Young warlords


The relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs was a complicated one – friends, rivals, collaborators – not necessarily all at the same time. Here we see them around the time their rivalry broke wide open. While Jobs and Gates were photographed together many times, Bryan Deese has created a composite (with his trademark dots) from different images from the 1980s. The Jobs portrait is based on a Norman Seeff picture taken in 1984, which would make the computer he’s leaning on the original Macintosh, the one released that year and announced to the world with that famous ad. I haven’t found the Gates picture, but that’s certainly a mid-80s vintage Bill Gates. It was the introduction of Windows that ended the collaboration between Apple and Microsoft. While Windows 1.0 was released a year after the Macintosh debuted, the symbol floating below Gates first appeared with Windows 3.1 in 1992. I almost called this post “You have died of dysentery” because of the reference to the infamous The Oregon Trail game. Capital City Computers commissioned the piece when their southern office moved next door into the space vacated by Hey Rooster General Store (now found in the old Bookman/Bookwoman site in Hillsboro Village).

Located at 1106 Gallatin Pike. The mural is on the south face of the building. There is a reasonable amount of parking around the building. Come get your computer fixed or get a cheap refurbished rig and enjoy the art!

Sorry you missed the show

Concerrt Promotion

I’m normally a little wary about featuring concert ad murals. They get painted over quick. But this one is for a show back in March, it’s still there, the building seems only part occupied, and it’s a very nice mural, so who knows how long it will last? Still, we have to call this temporary art. BJ The Chicago Kid, Xavier Omär, and Kamau gave a rockin’ show on March 20th – or so I imagine! The artist is Bryan Deese, who has done a number of murals around town. He signs this piece with his website address, but that leads to a blog not updated since 2014. Try his Instagram account for more up to date information about his work. And if you go visit this one and it’s gone, you can still see a Bryan Deese mural across the street.

Located at 2622 Jefferson Street. The mural is on the west side of the building. There is plenty of parking at 2622 and nearby businesses. If the church on the west side is out of session, there is lots of parking there.

Go, go gorilla!


Hey, it’s a gorilla! With weights! Not much to say about this except that it’s further evidence that Nashville business owners are more and more understanding the importance of public art on their facilities. The placement on the corner is unusual. This is on the new World Gym in the Gulch, and the gorilla appears to be a symbol of the national chain. UPDATE: I have been informed by the artist himself that this is a Bryan Deese piece. I didn’t recognize it without the trademarks dots in the background you see in a lot of his work!

Located at 114 George L. David Boulevard. The mural actually faces Grundy Street, about a block west from Chauhan Ale and Masala House. Street parking and parking at the gym available. Break a sweat and enjoy the art.


The Cumberland Greenway Cluster (Part 1, Bearded Iris Brewing)


It helps to drive around. Keep going down that road, you might find something. The art along the Cumberland River Greenway between Van Buren and Taylor is no surprise to anyone who uses that greenway, but no doubt far less known to everyone else, other than the patrons and employees of the businesses nearby. Although very close to downtown and to the development in Germantown, this is an industrial area with roads that dead end at the river, so not a lot of traffic. Along this stretch of the greenway, all of the buildings have something on them, and it’s fairly easy to divide it up given the different styles. The backside of Bearded Iris Brewery stands out as the most detailed and elaborate installation. And look, it’s signed! These are names associated with the TM crew, with a giant logo at the far north end, and the MFK crew, which is prominently tagged nearby. An interview with Paser reveals, by the way, that I deciphered UH wrong in a previous post – it’s Urban Heroes. I’ll have to go back and do some updating! We also see Rex2 (Bryan Deese) whose whon up a lot on this blog. I also include the Bearded Iris logo, featured prominently on the other (west) side of the building.

Located on the Cumberland River Greenway between Taylor Street and Van Buren Street. Bearded Iris Brewing is at 101 Van Buren. The graffiti mural is on the back (east) side of the brewery. Lots of parking there, and given the quiet nature of the area, street parking is fairly easy. Grab a beer, or go for a walk or a ride, and enjoy the art.

img_03741  img_03811img_03781img_03771img_03761img_03751


The OMG/Wallpaper & Designer hidden gallery (Part 2, loading dock)


More art from the backside of Old Made Good and Wallpaper & Designer Home Consignments. There are three walls here, though the loading bays on the east side are mostly devoid of art. Here on the north wall we see two panels, with some familiar names. On the left, the most prominent tag is Smok, which you see in a number of places around town. According to this Scene article, Smok is part of graffiti group known as the IA Crew. Whoever they are, they are prolific. The next panel is signed by Bryan Deese (Rex2) and Troy Duff (@duffomatic). Both artists are found all over town and have been featured on this blog before. On the south wall (see below), there’s a colorful piece with a name I’m not sure of. There’s also a spooky Troy Duff Nashville skyline and the first example in this blog of Ryan M. McCauley’s sleepless robot (RobotsNeverSleep). This particular Robot is not on his blog, but here is what looks like him painting this very robot on his Facebook page. And the only loading bay door with any art again has a tag that I must be misreading!

See the slideshow for individual pieces, and Part 1 for more information. See pin for Part 1 on the map.

Located at 3701 Gallatin Pike. OMG has scads and scads of parking and the area behind 3701 where the art is seems to be empty most of the time.


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Where you at?!


There is more and more art on Jefferson Street, and I haven’t been keeping up with it like I should. This piece is by Bryan Deese, who has done a number of music-themed murals in town. Follow that link to his website though and it doesn’t seem to have been updated recently – the last blog post is dated August, 2014, though I know this piece is very recent. He advertises both the website and his Instagram account on this mural – but the Instagram account is private, a bit unusual for an active artist. The artists depicted here are not identified, but it sure does look like Charlie Parker on sax and Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet. Here’s a video of them performing “Hot House” together in 1951. Pretty sharp!

Located on the west side of the Boost Mobile building at 2623 Jefferson Street. The mural faces 27th Avenue North, at the corner with Jefferson Street. There’s plenty of street and commercial parking in the area.

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