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Lost Art

Going, going gone


I had intended to post about the graffiti installations on the small building next to Plaza Art a few days ago. If I had, I would have posted about it while the art still existed. I drove by yesterday, and the building was in the process of being painted blue, with just a little of the graffiti art still visible. Some of this art was fairly old, old enough to have started peeling at least, though there is also a 2016 date on one piece. The tags KOG, 3XM and N86 were once visible here. KOG is a graffiti team out of Los Angeles and San Fransico, while the other tags are associated with Nashville artists. I’m not sure if the art on the fence wall is also being painted over, but I imagine it is. Archiving art before it disappears is part of the mission of this blog.

Located on the south side of Middleton Street, next to Plaza Art. The art is gone, but there is a major mural next door (at least for now) that I plan to post on soon, and Plaza Art has acquired a large mural of its own. Plenty of parking.

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The cock on the block


Returning to the theme of Latino grocery stores, El Gallito Super Mercado on Foster Avenue. “Gallo” in Spanish is “rooster,” while “gallito” is the diminutive form – “little rooster.” I don’t know about you, but the gallo in this piece is anything but little. It’s also new. A screen grab from Google street view (first picture below) shows a very different mural. The Google image is dated June 2016, so the mural above is no more than a few months old. There is a sign on the edge of the parking lot (to the left if you are standing where the picture above was taken) that is clearly the same style and which is signed by Fernando Vargas. See the second picture below. As we’ve seen in other Latino stores, he gives his phone number, in case you want to hire him or talk about art.

Located at 2801 Foster Avenue. There’s plenty of parking, and for once, the art is up high and not obscured by cars. Drop by, get some real tacos, and enjoy the art!



Update: A mural lost

The mural I recently featured in Here and gone (part 2) is no more. I drove past the  Salon Mogulz/Fancy Lash and Beauty Bar building at 951 Main Street earlier this evening, and the mural is replaced with a dark grey wall. Perhaps a new mural is planned. I’ll keep an eye out.

The Gallatin and Straightway Gallery (Part 2)


The Hookah Kings front wall is part of the dense graffiti art found at the corner of Gallatin and Straightway. At least some of the art on this wall predates Hookah Kings, which only opened about a month ago, while some of this art is at least a couple years old. The “my name is” tag belongs to Mobe Oner, who notes in a post on his Facebook page that a portrait he did is now covered over by the Kid Oak image seen below (on the north wall of Jerry’s Market), though apparently the lost image was painted over by something else before the Kid Oak image went up. Such are the perils of outdoor art. Scoot over to Oner’s page to see the lost work. Kid Oak, on the other hand, is a fairly common sight in Nashville, with an Instagram page for various appearances.

Part 1

Located at 1401 Gallatin Avenue, at the corner with Straightway Avenue. This works here faces Gallatin, on the east side of the road. Some parking at Jerry’s, as well as some street parking on Straightway. See Part 1 on the map for the pin.img_5080-2

Here and gone (part 2)

IMG_4833 (2).JPG

UPDATE: As of December 1, 2016, this mural no longer exists, painted over with dark gray paint. I’ll be looking to see if it is replaced with something else.

“Back in the Laboratory” is the new mural that replaces the less flamboyant mural that previously graced the west wall of the Salon Mogulz/Fancy Lash and Beauty Bar building on Main Street. It does, however, retain the “East Nash” tag up in the upper right corner that was seen in the previous mural. It’s certainly bolder, and can’t fail to grab the attention of anyone driving by. In the immediate area of this stretch of Main Street there are several large graffiti style installations, such as And we’re back! It’s something of a signature of this part of the Five Points neighborhood.

Part 1

See the pin on the map for Part 1. Located on the west wall of 951 Main Street. 951 just has a few spaces, so on a weekday, use street parking on Finn Street just to the east. And hey, maybe it’s time for a new do!

Here and gone (part 1)


One of the things I want to do on this blog is document public art before it is lost, as so much of it is ephemeral. This piece, on the west wall of the Salon Mogulz/Fancy Lash and Beauty Bar building on Main Street, went up sometime back in April, when I took this picture. I had meant to get a better, full on view, but for a long time the grass was much too high. Shortly after the grass finally got mowed, and before I could get a new picture, this mural disappeared underneath a bigger, bolder mural which I will feature soon. But for a now, a moment of silence for lost art.

Part 2

This was located on the west wall of 951 Main Street. 951 just has a few spaces, so on a weekday, use street parking on Finn Street just to the east. And hey, maybe it’s time for a new do!

Art now, art past


This whimsical piece is found behind Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School on the south wall of the Horton Paper Services building. It’s a little worse for wear, as it has begun to peel in places. Facing south puts it in the sun all day, and that seems to have done some damage. It’s not age – Google street view images from March 2015 show only some graffiti tags here. They also show another mural on the the west wall, one that is quite gone, for today the west wall is painted a solid blue. The mural you see below is no more. That’s one thing I’m trying to do with this blog – document art before it disappears. All art is ultimately impermanent, but outdoor art has to deal with the elements, the whims of owners and vandals, and the seemingly relentless pace of development here in Nashville. Here I try to archive some things before they are lost (the mural in the header photo for this blog of course is gone, painted over right about the time I started this enterprise).

Located at 614 18th Avenue North, on the south wall of Horton Paper Services. Parking on a school day is little tight, and a lot of the street parking is presently taken up by construction workers who are building an extension to the school. Across the street is a heavily decorated semi-trailer that seems to be more or less permanently parked. I’ll feature some of that work later.


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