Your intrepid blogger’s Puerto Rican vacation is over, and the blog is up and running again. Truth be told, I gathered enough material to start another blog on Puerto Rican art and run it for a year or more! But on this blog, it’s all about Nashville. “Glitchmule,” by Herb Williams, went up in 2015 on the west wall of the new Family Wash digs on 5th Avenue (also home to part of the 615 Center complex). Williams is responsible not only for this very large mural but also some of the smallest murals in town. Keep your eyes out around town for rainbow striped animals no more than about a foot or so wide – they are his work (unless he’s gained an imitator). You’ll find one at Three Crow Bar and another at Old Made Good, for example.

UPDATE: This mural has been replaced by a new one that is keeping with the new restaurant that has taken over this space.

Located at 626 Main Street. There is very limited parking at Family Wash, and street parking on the adjacent part of 7th fills up quickly. I recommend parking across Main on 7th, as there is a light at that intersection and thus it’s safe to cross Main there.