Blue graffiti tag street art mural NashvilleLook closely at the blue tag above. It lies on top of a larger gray tag, which has been scribbled out. Below is another tag on the old factory that, while not covered, has also been scribbled over.

graffiti tags street art mural Nashville
The back and forth mirrors the back and forth over the future of this site. Plans for a major development with hundreds of new apartments have been abandoned due to solid opposition from neighbors and concerns over traffic. However, it’s impossible to imagine this property will simply sit untouched, an eternal canvas for taggers. It’s bound to give way when the right project comes along. There are a number of tags around the complex; below are some of the most interesting. The two above are on the east side, alongside the Station 40 apartments, as is the black and white face below. The next two below are on the west side, and the one at the bottom, which is the first entry from the ongoing “moist” campaign found around town, is on the front side facing Charlotte.

UPDATE: Most of this has been painted over, though a few new tags have appeared.

Located at 4101 Charlotte Avenue. Parking available at Station 40, at the complex with Beer Pale and Flip Burger, and on the factory grounds itself. The parking at the 42nd Avenue entrance to the factory grounds is apparently being used as overflow for Flip Burger and other nearby businesses. Use caution as it is an abandoned industrial site.

graffiti face street art mural Nashville
Maroon graffiti tag street art mural Nashvillegraffiti tag street art mural Nashville
graffiti tag street art mural Nashville