Colorful street art mural East Nashville
I live in East Nashville and have walked and driven down Woodland thousands of times, but only recently noticed this work because an intervening building was torn down. New construction will soon render it invisible from the road again.

Painted on the back west wall of 914 Main Street, it is signed Rebecca + Andee Moreland 2015 and reads “Love Loud Sing Freak Soul.” [UPDATE: Despite how it reads, I’m positive the “Andee” here is Andee Rudloff, who is responsible for a number of local projects.] Rebecca Moreland is the name of a Nashville musician who has a song out called “Freak Soul,” and the video features her and some others creating this mural, making this a multi-media work.

Located on the back west wall of 914 Main Street, which Google calls “Classic Auto Works,” though there’s no sign. You can’t really see it from Main Street, however. Go to the alley that runs parallel to and between Woodland and Main along the 900 block. This mural lies off that alley, behind The Basement East.