There is such a thing as hidden art out there. It does call into question the notion of “public art.” This piece is not entirely invisible, but it is in a place most people are unlikely to see it, on the south wall of a building that is part of A Plus Tire on Nolenseville Rd, and set well back from the road. You’re not going to notice it just driving by. You really need to drive up into one of the neighboring parking lots to even find it, much less get a close look. It’s also anonymous — no apparent signature.

Update: I believed I can identify this is as a project of Prado Art Studio, with collaboration from Casa Azafrán next door. It makes sense, given that Prado , home to Jairo and Susan Prado, made the beautiful 3-D mural on the face of Casa Azafrán and has worked with them on other projects.

Located on the south wall of A Plus Tire at 2185 Nolenseville Pike (not the one at 1936 Nolenseville). Best viewed by driving around to the back of Casa Azafrán next door and walking through the gap in the fence.