The Habit for Humanity Restore on Division has devoted the entire west side of its building to a series of panels, most in a graffiti type style. Because of the placement of a particular tree, however, most of those panels fall under the category of “hidden art,” as you are not likely to notice them when driving by. This piece honoring the now defunct Nashville arena football franchise, signed by Bryan Deese, is highly  visible, while the pieces below require you to get out and do a bit of exploring to see. It’s also impossible to pull back and get a good view of the whole wall because of a covered fence. In the first shot below, you see the only “wide” shot one can really make, the rest show the individual panels, moving north to south. The Kats panel itself is at the far south end of the wall. It’s not clear who or how many people were involved in making these “hidden” panels, and the black single line drawings of a chicken smoking and the “you are awesome” guy may be later tags.There does appear to be a signature on the first panel, the one at the far north end of the wall, which I read as “Taikz” or “Tackz.”The images below run north to south.Comment below if you know anything about the artist(s).

Located on the west wall of the Habitat for Humanity Restore at 908 Division St. There’s a lot of paid parking around, but if things aren’t too busy you can park at the Restore or at Yazoo Brewing next door. The murals can also be accessed from the alley behind the Restore.