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“La Storia della Terra,” (1999/2001) otherwise known as “the big pile of stone books next to the downtown library,” is the creation of Anna Wilmsen and the late Wolfgang Kubach, German artists who created many other stone book towers. The plaque at the bottom indicates the twenty-six books (representing the letters of the alphabet) are made from stones that came from five continents, and that also seems to have been characteristic of their other works. Actually, Nashville didn’t quite get the full deal, because at least one of the book towers on their gallery page says it has stones from seven continents. You’re not supposed to take rock samples from Antartica except for scientific work, so I’m not sure how they got that seventh stone. Maybe it’s just as well we don’t have any Antarctic rock in ours! The statue was paid for by Judy and Noah Liff. Mr. Liff made his money in recycling and the Liffs donated generously to a number of arts-related causes around Nashville.

Located on the northwest corner of the Main Library downtown, near the corner of Seventh and Church Street. The library’s official address is 615 Church Street, but the building takes up the entirety of the 600 block. It’s hard to miss. The library has its own parking garage, and there is plenty of paid parking in lots and garages nearby. Check out a book and enjoy the art!