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Hempsterville mural street art Nashville

It may be time to create a category for hemp and CBD shops because there seems to be a trend for them to use art to make themselves stand out. This is Hempsterville, which is, you guessed it, is on Porter Road just off Riverside Drive. It’s by Eric Bass, who usually signs his work Mobe Oner. He’s already got one of these CBD/hemp shops under his belt, LabCanna on Gallatin, featured in CBD, Street art style. Besides the shout out to Riverside and Porter, the mural includes the iconic Batman Building and the railroad trestle that soars over nearby Shelby Park. If this industry continues to grow, I suspect we will see more hemp-related art in the coming months and years.

(The odd crop is a result of making this fit Facebook’s sharing rules, which crop everything to be the shape of a billboard, or a door if the photo is tall and thin. Facebook needs to revise that policy.)

Located at 1601B Riverside Drive. The mural and the shop actually face Porter Road. There is some parking at the building and some street parking across the road.

CBD, Street art style

CBD mural street art Nashville

Many shops selling cannabidiol, often called CBD, have popped up recently in Nashville. The legality of these stores has been complex, though the expansive legalization of hemp in the new Federal farm bill seems to put these stores on firmer ground. So why not a little art advertising their wares? LabCanna is actually a chain with several branches in Tennesee and neighboring states. Their outpost on Gallatin Road contracted the artist who goes by Mobe Oner to produce this advertisement of their main product line. Seriously, there are a lot of CBD stores in Nashville – including one barely a block away from this one!

Located at 1006 Gallatin Ave. There is parking in front and behind, as well as on side streets. The mural is just about 15 feet from the next building over, which, houses Pearl Diver, so shooting your portrait can get a little cramped!

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