Cheetahs mural street art Nashville

This fantastic piece is, as it is prominently branded, a very new Eastside Murals production. This is another example of an auto repair place serving as a canvass for Nashville muralists. It’s a piece that needs to be flashy – it faces an alleyway, and while currently visible from Woodland Street, future construction is likely to hide it from anyone not in the alley – or hanging out on the back porch of Basement East.

Located on the backside (south) of Classic Auto Works at 914 Main Street. Classic Auto Works does not have a sign, but it’s next to the well-marked Holleman Transmission. The mural lies directly across the alley from Basement East on Woodland. You might need to park a bit aways, such as at the storage center down the street. This is the same building that hosts the mural featured inĀ Or you could just watch the video. That mural is on the west side of the building. There is a third mural, a large graffiti installation, on the east side which I will feature in a later post.