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The Colors of Capital City Computers

Right at the end of last year, a new mural appeared on the Capital City Computers building on Gallatin. For some time, this wall had held a mural promoting Muddy Roots, the music festival and record label, though I never wrote about it. You can see it here.

This new mural is by the artist who goes by Sterbo. Its use of lines and colors reminds me to some extent of another one of his works, which I featured in the post Line It Up. But while that piece is frenetic and energetic, this is a calmer and more soothing work, and is also even more abstract. While the Line It Up piece played around with three-dimensionality, this piece is more about the uses of color. It creates a set of optical illusions, such that some of the stripes you see on this mural look as if they were shadows cast on the wall by some weird, alien trees.

For such a small place, the Capital City Computer building is pretty festooned with murals. While the Sterbo mural is on the north side, the south has long hosted what I call the Young Warlords mural, a portrait of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs as they looked back in the 1980s that was done by Bryan Deese. Capital City uses it on their webpage. And there’s another mural by Jack Coyle on the back I haven’t written about yet that looks to have gone in the same time the Sterbo piece did. Hey, get your computer fixed and take in a gallery of murals in one go!

Located at 1106 Gallatin Ave. The mural faces north towards an alley halfway between Sharpe Avenue and W Greenwood Avenue. Publix is across the street. There is parking at Capital City, particularly in back.

Young warlords


The relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs was a complicated one – friends, rivals, collaborators – not necessarily all at the same time. Here we see them around the time their rivalry broke wide open. While Jobs and Gates were photographed together many times, Bryan Deese has created a composite (with his trademark dots) from different images from the 1980s. The Jobs portrait is based on a Norman Seeff picture taken in 1984, which would make the computer he’s leaning on the original Macintosh, the one released that year and announced to the world with that famous ad. I haven’t found the Gates picture, but that’s certainly a mid-80s vintage Bill Gates. It was the introduction of Windows that ended the collaboration between Apple and Microsoft. While Windows 1.0 was released a year after the Macintosh debuted, the symbol floating below Gates first appeared with Windows 3.1 in 1992. I almost called this post “You have died of dysentery” because of the reference to the infamous The Oregon Trail game. Capital City Computers commissioned the piece when their southern office moved next door into the space vacated by Hey Rooster General Store (now found in the old Bookman/Bookwoman site in Hillsboro Village).

Located at 1106 Gallatin Pike. The mural is on the south face of the building. There is a reasonable amount of parking around the building. Come get your computer fixed or get a cheap refurbished rig and enjoy the art!

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