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This is Nashville, so guitars

Guitar statue public art NashvilleSometimes you find public art where you least expect it. Strip malls, particularly the nicer ones, tend to have pretty slim pickings. But the Nashville West shopping center is a little different, in that embedded in the parking lot is a quiet little park, the H.G. Hill park. And on the northwest side of the park are two guitars, because of course there are. The one below is dedicated to Les Paul, the Wizard of Waukesha. As yet, I have no information on who made these.

Located at 6710 Charlotte Pike, in the Nashville West shopping center, more or less across the parking lot from Old Navy. Scads and scads of free parking, probably less so during Christmas shopping season. Take a break from consumerism and enjoy the park and the art!

Les Paul guitar statue public art Nashville

Going, going,….?

Gibson Guitar sign Nashville street art
Gibson Guitar is selling the building at 1117 Church St., so the fate of this giant guitar and the guitar mural on the other side (see below) is uncertain. I’m putting them both in the category “endangered art.” If you have any insights or inside information, please post in the comments.

The mural is on the west side of the building, best seen from Church St, though at present a construction fence complicates the view. Park below the bridge and take the stairs — they come out right in front of the building. The guitar, on the southeast corner, is a little harder. The land closest to it is inside a locked fence. If you can’t get in, the parking lot across from Chauhan Ale and Masala House on Grundy St is your best bet, where I took my photo.

Gibson sign mural street art Nashville

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