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Flower power


I have written before that chain stores are the worst places to look for public art. So I was surprised to find what looks like permitted art on the back of the Green Hills CVS. This could, of course, been put up without permission, but that seems unlikely. The style, the placement, the rust stain, and the fact that Google street view shows it’s been up since at least February of last year suggests permitted art. It is on the part of the building that is a separate retail space from the CVS (currently unoccupied), so that may have something to do with it. It is a rare piece of public art on a stretch of road dominated by chains, professional offices and high-end retail, none very conducive to public art. Given all the people stuck in traffic most of the time on that stretch of Hillsboro, some more art might improve people’s mood a bit.

Located at 3801 Hillsboro Pike. The flower is on the back of the building, facing the Orange Theory gym on Crestmoor, and is not visible from Hillsboro Pike. There’s CVS parking around the building, and a parking garage under the gym. Fill up on unnecessary plastic objects and enjoy the art!

Another Indian restaurant, another mural

Want to enjoy the sites and food of India while watching insane Green Hills traffic at the same time? Shalimar has got you covered! I wonder how many of the thousands of people who drive, or rather crawl slowly, past Shalimar never notice the mural?

Located at 3711 Hillsboro Pike near the corner of Crestmoor Road. It’s Green Hills — park where you can. Heck, park in Shalimar’s lot and get some grub with your art!

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