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An old key


The scope of this blog includes not only murals and sculpture, but also “interesting signs.” And the sign for the old Key Motel definitely counts as interesting. There are at least a couple other of these old survivors on Dickerson, left over from the days before the interstates were built when Dickerson Pike, know also at US Highway 41, was the main route from the north into the city. Currently, the Key Motel is undergoing renovation, hence the fence. While it will reopen as a hotel, the developer is noncommittal as to whether he will keep the name, much less renovate the sign, so the future of this survivor is uncertain. Get your selfies while you still can. The southern side of the sign is actually in better condition, but it’s also partially obscured by vegetation. See below.

UPDATE: I Saw the Sign has been commisioned to restore and update the sign with a new name, The Dive Hotel. I’ll post some photos when I get a chance.


Located at 1414 Dickeson Pike. On the weekends you can park at the school next door. Otherwise, your best bet is the laundry a little farther north.

You can leave, but you can never check out

Eldorado Motel sign street art Nashville
There are no phones. There’s no TV. There’s definitely no pool. For while the El Dorado’s sign still stands tall, it presides over a field of grass and concrete, and the hotel is long gone. Possibly that field will turn into condos someday, but there’s a petroleum pumping and storage station next door, as well as a railroad, so perhaps not.

On the 1700 block of Ed Temple Blvd., at the northwest corner with Buchanan St. You can sort of park on the side of the road in the entrance to the Exxon/Mobile site, but it’s not really an area with good parking.

Eldorado Motel sign street art Nashville

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