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Breaking the rules


I have pointed out many times on this blog that chain businesses are the worst places to look for public art. But for every rule about human behavior, there are always exceptions. Holler & Dash presents itself as something of a neo-Southern small chain with a neighborly feel that emphasizes local produce. It may well be all that, but it is also owned by Cracker Barrel. So not only is this a chain, it’s also corporate. But the branding of this corporate chain is not centralized, which allows for local artists to get involved. The mural here is by Meghan Wood of I Saw the Sign. I learned that from Holler & Dash’s Instagram account because of course I did. Maybe local branding will become more of a trend for corporate America.

Located at 2407 8th Avenue South. I’m a little uncertain about the parking situation, as there was still some construction going on when I visited. I believe there is parking in the back, and for the time being, parking is available at the abandoned gas station next door but in go-go Nashville that won’t last. Enjoy some corporate grub trying to be local and enjoy the art!

Swayze lives!


Back last July, I reported on a small maritime-themed mural gracing The Centennial in On imagined seas. That mural is no more, but it has been replaced with a grander creation honoring Patrick Swayze and the original Point Break. It befits the nautical theme inside, and hey, who doesn’t like that insane movie. Of the remake – well, I will not speak as I know nothing. The new murals, which were installed April 21st and include not only Swayze but a surfer and a huge wave, is the work of I Saw the Sign, a hand painted sign company created by Nashville (by way of Ithica, NY) artist Meghan Wood. I Saw the Sign (FB) mostly does lettering as opposed to figurative murals, but here is an obvious and excellent exception. The huge, exuberant “The Centennial” (see below) is more in keeping with their other work. The murals. interestingly, are attached wood panels, which is unusual for mural art in Nashville.

Located at 5115 Centennial Boulevard near the busy intersection with 51st Avenue North. There’s a reasonable amount of parking at the bar, so grab a brew and a burger and enjoy the art!

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