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Nectar of the gods


That’s what one of my professors in graduate school called Dr. Pepper. He is Texan, like me. Sure, we moved to Georgia when I was six, but I never lost the taste for Dr. Pepper. I drink the diet stuff now, and yes, I lost a lot of weight. Because I was drinking a LOT of Dr. Pepper. Wait, this is an art blog! This Dr. Pepper branded tank (presumably not a tank of Dr. Pepper) is at  Tony’s Foodland, a grocery store in Joelton, on Clarksville Pike. Joelton is a very different part of Davidson County from what most people think of as Nashville. It’s much more rural, with actual farms, and houses with huge rural lots. But it’s as much a part of Metro Nashville-Davidson as Lower Broad, which is something that makes Nashville truly great. The Facebook page for Tony’s Foodland has only one picture of the tank with its current livery, which is dated July 13 of last year. I don’t think it’s much older than that, as I drove up there around that time and don’t remember seeing it.

Located at 5529 Clarksville Pike. This is just north of Old Hickory Boulevard. The tank is on the northwest side of the store. There is plenty of parking because it’s a grocery store. Grab a couple liters of Dr. Pepper and enjoy the art!

Big MaMa doesn’t work here any more

Restaurant sign with food street art Nashville
Up Clarksville Highway, there isn’t a lot of public art of any kind. Some neighborhoods are dense with public art, official or otherwise — this one isn’t. But there is this enthusiastic sign advertising the grub at Big MaMa’s! Unfortunately, Big MaMa’s is closed and there’s a For Sale sign on the door. So the fate of the restaurant and this mural is uncertain.

Located on the south wall of Joelton Plaza on the 5500 block of Clarksville Highway. Lots of parking, but no burgers at Big MaMa’s, at least for the moment.

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