From time to time, the Marines invade an American city, not as an act of war, but for recruitment and public relations. Almost a year ago, in mid-September, it was Nashville’s turn. Marines flew over our skies, participated in all kinds of community events, and being Marines, made an amphibious assault on the riverbank downtown. You can watch some of the week’s activities here. They also painted a mural. Six Marine artists¬†combined Marine and Nashville iconography in a prominent mural in the heart of the Eight Avenue antiques district. The linked article doesn’t name the artists, but a small portrait¬†of six Marines gives us the names Lance Corporals Milliot, Varneli, and Sturdivant, Seargents McKelvey and Reguska, and Staff Seargent Bilicich. Oorah!

Located at 2106 Eighth Avenue South, on the north wall of the Douglas Corner Cafe. There’s parking right in front, but good luck. Some street parking and at neighboring businesses available. Shop for an antique treasure, catch a show at Douglas Corner, and enjoy the art!

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