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Fly me to the moon (2.0)


This is an Emily Miller piece, she of the guerilla poster art (and more!). Keep an eye out, you’ll see more of her work around town. A lot of it is animal-themed, but here she goes in another direction – up! This particular space traveler is found on the backside of 1006 Buchanan Street. If you look for that address on Google it leads you to Otis James, who makes bespoke clothing. The web page suggests the business is in Oak Ridge, but the Facebook page puts it here in Nashville on Buchanan. Call them, or just order online if you are interested. I might need a new hat. Regardless, this is paper art outdoors so I have to call it endangered art.

UPDATE: I added 2.0 to the title because I realized this is the second time I’ve used that headline.

Located at 1006 Buchanan Street. The mural/poster is on the back wall. There’s a large green space around the building so it’s easy to approach. Street parking is available.

Arctic colors

IMG_2100 (2)

This is one of those miracle shots, a mural that always has cars parked in front of it momentarily free. Around the corner, you’ll find Nomzilla and Pepperfire, two popular eateries with not nearly enough parking, so cars are a near constant at this spot. But the mural itself reflects another business in the building, Friendly Arctic Printing & Design, a company that makes custom t-shirts, hoodies and more. The mural represents a step in the printing process. Members of the Friendly Arctic team put the mural up a little over a year ago, and their Instagram page has a set of videos detailing the process.But wait, there’s more! Walk around to the back side to find a completely different but also quite colorful mural (see below). This work is signed by Sterbo, a tag used by a prolific local artist. The signature also contains the phrase “Betor Forever.” Betor is the tag of a prolific local graffiti artist who died last December. There is a very large memorial mural in his honor a few blocks north of these two murals which I will feature soon. (Again, cars tend to park in the way.)

Located at 1045 Granada Avenue, at the corner with Gallatin Avenue. The mural above faces Granada and is quite visible if you are driving north on Gallatin. Street parking is available, as well as parking in front and behind the building. Grab some grub, or maybe inquire about your newest favorite t-shirt, and enjoy the art!

IMG_2106 (2)

Now that doesn’t look safe


Back after a little holiday hiatus. Hope the holidays are treating you well.

Down on Eighth Avenue, we find another Murals and More piece by artist Michael Cooper. Once again, we see him using the same trompe-l’œil technique he used for the Karr Commercial mural on Charlotte that I featured in Fooled me! Here he uses it for a little slapstick comedy. Karmal Skillington makes custom furniture, but I hope none of their workers ever wind up in such a precarious position. This is a fairly new piece, as it is not visible in a Google street view picture from April 2016.

Located at 2019 Eighth Avenue South. The mural is on the north side of the building. Plenty of parking on that side of the building and some at the Shell station next door. Grab some gas and grub, or take a look at some beautiful furniture, and enjoy the art!


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