Santa’s Pub down near the Fairgrounds has quite a backstory, involving a man who looks like Santa and a multi-decade engagement (of sorts). Denzel Irwin opened the bar in 2011 at the urging of Angelina Stillings, a woman he had been engaged to decades ago and had recently rekindled a relationship with. Because of his love for all things Christmas and his own resemblance to the Arctic elf, he christened it “Santa’s Pub,” a cash-only karaoke bar with $2 beers and no cursing. It has found its way to various best dive bar lists and articles, including one for “The South’s Best Christmas Bars.” Apparently, that’s a thing. In this short video, Irwin notes the importance of the murals (see the rest below) in attracting business to the bar, but at press time I don’t have an artist’s name. Will update when I can, but I didn’t want to miss posting this for Christmas.

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Located at 2225 Bransford Avenue. There’s plenty of parking, especially if you get there before the 4:30 opening. Get to diving and enjoy the art!