This enourmos installation, found on Nolenseville Pike just before it splits into Enlsley Blvd/2nd Ave S and 4th Ave S, went in recently. Oddly, it features the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser from “The Year Without Santa Claus,” along with the Abominable Snow Monster of the North from “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Because why not?

I don’t know about the artists, but there are a number of possible signatures: Jays, Rasmo (Kasmo?), User, Rids (Kids?), Tier, Pulps Yeloe, ICR, NME, KWT. UH is also featured twice. And I’m still working on figuring out the big featured words. Some graffiti alphabets are a little opaque to me. 

This a good example of one thing I’ve noticed about murals in this town — you see a lot of them on the side of auto repair and supply stores and used car lots. KM Auto Inc., which hosts this installation, is kind of all three. I could do a fairly extensive blog if I stuck just to auto places and another major site for murals, convenience stores. Many more of both will show up here in the future.

The word sections are featured below. 

Found on the north side of KM Auto Inc at  1808 Nolenseville Rd. Park on Moore Ave and walk across the field to get an up close view.