Bear statue outdoor art Nashville
The neighborhood of Forest Hills couldn’t be more different from the neighborhood just to its north, the dense commercial area around Green Hills mall. Forest Hills is a neighborhood of large expensive homes on huge lots, many gates and no sidewalks. Not very welcoming to outsiders.

Well, except for the bear at 6521 Hillsboro Pike, the one with the big red eyes. Or maybe they are shades. The bear is there to greet all travelers headed south on Hillsboro as they head along their journeys.

This by the way is the first time I’ve featured art at someone’s personal home. Plenty of Nashvillians have art in their yards, so expect to see more.

This is not a neighborhood where it’s easy to park. However, just north of the bear you can park on Brideway Trail, then cross the road to see the bear. Hillsboro also has good bike lanes on this stretch, so maybe time for a little exercise? The bear would approve.