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Nashville skyline


I have no clue who did this. There is a small apartment building on Fisk Street, just off Charlotte, that has this mural. It depicts the Nashville skyline and is tagged “Act Now.” This mural shows up in a Google street view from 2016, which I think is its origin year. Again, more business owners and more public officials are figuring out the value of public art, so more stuff appears.

At 405 Fisk Street. This is a small apartment building behind Fattoush Cafe and Jiffy Lube. Plenty of parking at Fattoush, so grab some grub and enjoy the art!

Ice cream graffiti


Not too many homeowners willingly allow their property to be used as a canvas for graffiti artists, but not only has the owner at 1600 Litton allowed it, but done so on a major scale. This installation is large and bold, full of bright colors hard to ignore,  colors with more psychedelic pop than one usually sees in Nashville graffiti. Interestingly, Google street view has a March 2016 shot of this fence that shows different tags with a much bluer, laid back palette (see the slide show below). If you look close at the photo above you’ll see a section of fence laying against the garage that is apparently from that former installation. In both cases, the tags are familiar ones, generally associated with the UH crew, including the nearly ubiquitous “Rasmo” tag. The tag on the back fence also has a small “Betor,” which I think is a memorial, not a signature.

Located at 1600 Litton Street, at the corner of Litton and Branch, one block west of Riverside Drive. There is parking a little farther south on Branch, at the apartment complex. This is a private home, so be respectful.

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Shelby Second Line


Not many murals come with their own Facebook page, but this one does. Check it out – there are some much better pictures than mine on there. “Shelby Second Line” is an Andee Rudloff project. There is enough of her work in town that I need to create a Categories tab for her. Her style is unmistakable, though she seems to rarely work alone. The sign says that the mural was facilitated by Rudloff with support from Adam and Heather Yockey. This means that Rudloff sketched out the mural, while the Yockeys (who are the homeowners), neighbors and friends helped paint the mural. This seems to be Rudloff’s usual M.O., as is the QR sign down in the bottom right corner.

Located at 1520 Shelby Avenue. The fence and the mural actually face the 500 block of 16th Street, right off Shelby. Street parking is available. This is a private home, so be respectful.

Line and color


Germantown and Salemtown, which lie between Jefferson and I-65 to the north and south, Rosa Parks and the river east and west, have undergone an extraordinary transformation in the last few years. One of the oldest neighborhoods in Nashville is filled with new, new, new. Even in a boom town like Nashville, what’s happened here is hard to fathom. A low-income neighborhood has been turned into a raft of condo complexes, brand new homes everywhere, and a handful of beautiful renovations. In an area with so much that is brand new, not a lot of public art is found. But there’s some, like on this renovated house across from Monell’s. I include it here because of the playful paintings in the windows. They are Alic Daniel pieces like the one featured in Off the wall (Part 2), but less frenzied. A Google street view picture from March 2016 does not show the paintings, so these are fairly new.

Located at 1228 Sixth Avenue North, next to St. Mark Baptist Church. Street parking is available but a little tough. This is a private home, so be respectful. Little’s Fish Company is a couple of doors down. Grab some fresh fish and enjoy the art!


A word, a wing

Bird & Books statue street art Nashville
One of the first pieces to make me start to think about public art in Nashville is this bit of whimsy. I don’t know the people who live at 705 Setliff, but I do know they like public art, at least in their front yard. I wonder about the neighbors. Certainly, it makes directions easy. “We’re two doors down from the books with the birds and the Newton’s cradle. What? Oh, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it.”

Located at 705 Setliff Place, just north of Eastland, a couple blocks west of Rosepepper and Jenni’s and Ugly Muggs. Some street parking on Setliff, easier if you’re willing to walk a bit. This is a private home, so be respectful.

Here comes the sun!

Sun hills mural street art NashvilleSometimes you just have to be patient. If I were a baseball player, I might just be able to throw a rock from my house and reach this mural, but then I’d probably hit one of the cars parked in front of it, and I don’t want to do that to my neighbors! But I finally got sight of it without cars and grabbed the shot. I think it’d be great if more homeowners did this — and it would help keep local artists in business!

Located at 1620 Gartland Avenue. Street parking available, though less when the nearby elementary school is loading or unloading students. This is a private home, so be respectful.

Sun hills mural street art NashvilleChildren mural street art Nashville

I think it’s an armadillo 

Fence mural armadillo street art Nashville
Some neighborhoods have little public art, and some are dense with it. The area around Five Points in East Nashville is particularly dense with public art, and this seems to have inspired a number of residents to use their homes, their fences, and their yards as canvases and galleries.

Here we see 1515 Forrest Avenue. Often there are cars here, so I jumped at the chance to grab a picture without them. Less clear is the house, which is blue with white animals painted on it. I’ll add a close up of the house to this post when I get a chance.

Again, located at 1515 Forrest Avenue. Lots of street parking nearby, though often taken up by residents. Uber to nearby Italia Pizza and Pasta and wander over while your pizza gets made!

Why not?

Psychedelic mural street art East Nashville
If I lived on a street called Smiley I might have to do something this exuberant myself. Maybe not this exactly, but something certainly!

This a private home so I didn’t approach any closer to look for signatures. It’s relatively new, as it does not currently appear in Google street view (in a photo dated April 2014). The writing says “Thanks Happy Day.” Located on the east wall of 825 Smiley Street, at the corner of 9th Street N.

A bear in the forest

Bear statue outdoor art Nashville
The neighborhood of Forest Hills couldn’t be more different from the neighborhood just to its north, the dense commercial area around Green Hills mall. Forest Hills is a neighborhood of large expensive homes on huge lots, many gates and no sidewalks. Not very welcoming to outsiders.

Well, except for the bear at 6521 Hillsboro Pike, the one with the big red eyes. Or maybe they are shades. The bear is there to greet all travelers headed south on Hillsboro as they head along their journeys.

This by the way is the first time I’ve featured art at someone’s personal home. Plenty of Nashvillians have art in their yards, so expect to see more.

This is not a neighborhood where it’s easy to park. However, just north of the bear you can park on Brideway Trail, then cross the road to see the bear. Hillsboro also has good bike lanes on this stretch, so maybe time for a little exercise? The bear would approve.

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