DuBois mural street art Nashville

This mural, found on 19th Street near Herman, is part of the recent push to promote more public art in North Nashville. Jay Jenkins, a North Nashville artist and Tennessee State University graduate, got a THRIVE grant in 2015 from the Metro Nashville Arts Commission to produce a number of murals on the grounds of an old tire factory a little south of Fisk and Meharry. the Norf Wall Fest was born, and soon the factory grounds were covered in art. Many of the artists involved in the Norf Wall Fest went on to become part of the Norf Art Collective. The piece featured here was done by Nashville artist Brad Wells, who has since passed away.  This is one of the quieter murals in the set, befitting the dignity of the memory of W.E.B. DuBois. Most of the other murals found in and around the old factory are much more exuberant and playful. I could do a month of blog posts on them, but instead, I will pepper them into the blog from time to time as I explore the rest of the city. It’s a place worth exploring on your own.

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Located at the north end of the 800 block of 19th Street N., at the corner of Herman Street. It’s impossible to miss. Street parking is very haphazard. There is a lot of art to see here, and also a lot of overgrown weeds (depending on the time of year) so wear the right shoes!