Moist Tower mural street art Nashville graffiti
If you drive across the Jefferson Street bridge, it’s impossible to miss the old Kerrigan Iron Works smokestack. It’s also impossible to miss the giant “moist” if you are coming from the east side of the river. I’ve mentioned the moist campaign before. This is one of its most audacious examples. Hats off!

Located at the north end of the courtyard of the Riverfront Condominiums building on the 1000 block of First Avenue North. (The iron works, like everything else in Nashville, has been converted to condos.) However, it makes much more sense to park at the base of the bridge and walk. I recommend the lot at Crosspoint Community Church (the ginormous sign for Crosspoint TV is as impossible to miss as the smokestack.) They have a giant lot with lots of parking at the corner of Jefferson and Cowan.