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The blog takes a vacation


Your intrepid blogger is off to Puerto Rico until mid-August. I’ll be back with more Nashville art after my fun in the Caribbean!

The Carquest Gallery, Part 2

Car Quest Back Middle

This blog has been a learning process. One thing I’ve learned – look on the back side of buildings. There’s a lot of art where few people can see it. Back in November 2016, I posted about the very obvious murals visible from Nolensville road on the front and side of CarQuest. I did not, however, take a few steps to look around back. I did note though at the time that there were murals on the back side visible on Google street view, and I vowed to update. Well, here I am, updating. Usually, when there are several murals in one place, my top photo is the wide view of all of them, with a slide show of the individual ones below. But I like this one so much I decided to feature it. These three murals were clearly painted over other, older murals, which only highlights the transience of outdoor art and the need to document it. Next to the blue door, we see “Kyle Korea.” While that may be the name or handle of an artist, Camp Kyle was a U.S. Army base in Korea closed in 2005, so that might also be the reference. See the map pin for Part 1.

Part 1

Located at 3317 Nolensville Road, at the corner with Elgin Street. There’s some street parking on Elgin, and if things aren’t too busy at the Lava Lounge Hookah Bar next door, you might be able to park in their lot for a spell. Pick up some bling for your car and enjoy the art!

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Now also available on Facebook

There is now a Facebook page where I will be reposting all of the posts from this blog, as well as some other things that don’t quite fit the format of the blog. I spent a fair amount of time sharing all the older posts to the new Facebook page. I also repost the main photo from each post on my Instagram account, which has a link back to the blog, so you can also keep up with the blog there.

New art coming soon!

The Cumberland Greenway Cluster (Part 1, Bearded Iris Brewing)


It helps to drive around. Keep going down that road, you might find something. The art along the Cumberland River Greenway between Van Buren and Taylor is no surprise to anyone who uses that greenway, but no doubt far less known to everyone else, other than the patrons and employees of the businesses nearby. Although very close to downtown and to the development in Germantown, this is an industrial area with roads that dead end at the river, so not a lot of traffic. Along this stretch of the greenway, all of the buildings have something on them, and it’s fairly easy to divide it up given the different styles. The backside of Bearded Iris Brewery stands out as the most detailed and elaborate installation. And look, it’s signed! These are names associated with the TM crew, with a giant logo at the far north end, and the MFK crew, which is prominently tagged nearby. An interview with Paser reveals, by the way, that I deciphered UH wrong in a previous post – it’s Urban Heroes. I’ll have to go back and do some updating! We also see Rex2 (Bryan Deese) whose shown up a lot on this blog. I also include the Bearded Iris logo, featured prominently on the other (west) side of the building.

Located on the Cumberland River Greenway between Taylor Street and Van Buren Street. Bearded Iris Brewing is at 101 Van Buren. The graffiti mural is on the back (east) side of the brewery. Lots of parking there, and given the quiet nature of the area, street parking is fairly easy. Grab a beer, or go for a walk or a ride, and enjoy the art.

img_03741  img_03811img_03781img_03771img_03761img_03751


Metro Arts announces competition

I get e-mail. Someone at Metro Arts must have found this blog. So I’ll pass along their contest announcement. Below is a screen shot of the e-mail I got. Don’t try clicking on the application link, it’s a photo. Here’s the actual link. Good luck! (If you are looking at this on the home page, open up the blog post to see a larger, more easily read version of the screen shot.)macontest

A little maintenence

UPDATE: What seem to work a couple days ago is still funky. I will continue to investigate. In the meantime, I suggest using the Categories tab to explore older posts if the page starts to go haywire.

If you tried to explore the site lately, you may have found things went a little crazy if you scrolled down very far. I think I have that fixed. You’ll now need to click on the “Older posts” button every couple of pages, but it should make the page much more stable.

Update: A mural lost

The mural I recently featured in Here and gone (part 2) is no more. I drove past the  Salon Mogulz/Fancy Lash and Beauty Bar building at 951 Main Street earlier this evening, and the mural is replaced with a dark grey wall. Perhaps a new mural is planned. I’ll keep an eye out.

The Gallatin and Straightway Gallery (Part 1)


Sometimes you have to start small. There are certain sites around town that are intimidating to tackle because there is simply so much art. One place I drive by a lot is Jerry’s Market on Gallatin and it’s impossible not to notice that it and the surrounding buildings have a lot of art on them. Get out of your car, though, and you’ll discover there’s a lot more than you probably realize. Jerry’s Market, Hookah Kings Lounge, Street Customs, and (to a lesser extent) Collision Repair Service are simply bursting with art. It’s way too much to manage in one blog post. So I.m starting small with this Dustin Spagnola piece. Spagnola is an Ashville, NC artist who has done a fair amount of street art. The flamenco dancer is a theme he has used elsewhere. He’s one more example of how Nashville is not just a canvas for local artists but has become a destination for artists around the country and around the world.

Part 2

Located at 1401 Gallatin Avenue, at the corner with Straightway Avenue. This Spagnola piece faces Gallatin, on the east side of the road. Some parking at Jerry’s, as well as some street parking on Straightway.

There’s something about that name


This piece, on the south wall of Twelfth and Porter, went up almost precisely two years ago (your intrepid blogger aims always to be current) and is credited to the artist Kim Kennedy. Try looking for the “artist Kim Kennedy” in your favorite search engine. I found at least four. But I nailed it down to this woman, who is both a visual artist and a musician. I kind of like the work of Australian artist Kim Kennedy as well, but he did not come to Nashville to make this mural. The Kim Kennedy who made this mural is Nashville-based, so it wasn’t such a long commute. The musician depicted in the mural is Dave Baker, and, wouldn’t you know, there’s more than one musician by that name as well. The Dave Baker depicted here is a Nashville guitarist – but there’s also a recently deceased jazz composer by that name as well (who sported quite the beard himself).

Located, where else, at the intersection of Twelfth Avenue North and Porter Street. Parking during the day is fairly easy in this area, but at night you might have to compete with people going to a show.

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