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Seeing Inside

Seeing mural street art Nashville

Sitting hidden behind some trees near the Rosa Parks Kroger is this Thaxton Waters piece, titled “Seeing Inside.” It is dated, but I’m not sure when it went in, as the date is given as a drawing of a cockroach and of a rabbit. I’ve tried to find a calendar that uses both of those symbols to no avail, but Google Street View shows it being there as early as February 2017.  Three named panels are separated by blocks of mandala-like patterns. “Connect” shows a young boy waving from his bicycle, “Grow” shows two hands tending a small freshly-sprouted plant, and “Unite” shows a person running behind a small dog. I’m a bit surprised this mural hasn’t gotten more attention, but it is somewhat obscured by trees and, and you’re unlikely to see it unless you park on the back lot of the nearby Kroger.

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Located at 1401 Ninth Avenue North. There is some street parking on Ninth, or you can park in the lot of the Kroger at 800 Monroe Street.

Music on two wheels


Since last summer, a collection of musical greats has been freewheeling on the east wall of Green Fleet Bicycle Shop, courtesy of @doughjoe, otherwise known as Yusef Hubb. Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin and Little Richard are all getting a little crazy, though how Hendrix is managing to ride and play at the same time — well, he’s Jimi Hendrix. You don’t question. Hubb, who is part of the Norf Collective, frequently depicts musicians in his work, such as in An icon under the bridge, revisited. The #ridenorf tag references a Jefferson Street Art Crawl from last June. Green Fleet Bicycle Shop, besides being a place to get a new bike or repair your old one, also does bicycle tours of Nashville and will rent you a bike to do a tour on your own. The bike store grew out of Green Fleet Messengers, which is still going strong.

Located at 934 Jefferson Street. The mural faces east. There is some parking at the store, including around back (best accessed from Enoch Jones Blvd.) Not much street parking nearby, so you might have to walk a bit. Hey, you were going to rent a bike anyway, right?

Get healthy!


The Norf Art Collective, now found at, continues to bring more and more art to the North Nashville/Jefferson Street community. They produced this piece, called “Stalactight,” with help from a grant United Health Care gave to the Jefferson Street United Merchants Partnership to fund art that promotes healthy living. The mural was unveiled during the Jefferson Street Community Health Fair back in August. I like the use of the drip technique on this piece, notably on the back part (see below). It’s not the Norf Collective’s only bicycle mural – another is found at Green Fleet Bicycle Shop a few blocks down the Jefferson Street. I’ll feature that one soon.

Located at 2035 Jefferson Street. The mural is on the west wall, facing the driveway between 2035 and Dimelo Motor Works. (Why a moto scooter repair and rental store is called “tell it to me” I’m not sure. Must be a story there.) There are a couple of parking spaces in front of 2035, but there’s no sign indicating if the building is even occupied. The scooter shop and the apartment building on the east side have parking, but your best best is probably just to park in the driveway if it’s not occupied.


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