The Norf Art Collective, now found at, continues to bring more and more art to the North Nashville/Jefferson Street community. They produced this piece, called “Stalactight,” with help from a grant United Health Care gave to the Jefferson Street United Merchants Partnership to fund art that promotes healthy living. The mural was unveiled during the Jefferson Street Community Health Fair back in August. I like the use of the drip technique on this piece, notably on the back part (see below). It’s not the Norf Collective’s only bicycle mural – another is found at Green Fleet Bicycle Shop a few blocks down the Jefferson Street. I’ll feature that one soon.

Located at 2035 Jefferson Street. The mural is on the west wall, facing the driveway between 2035 and Dimelo Motor Works. (Why a moto scooter repair and rental store is called “tell it to me” I’m not sure. Must be a story there.) There are a couple of parking spaces in front of 2035, but there’s no sign indicating if the building is even occupied. The scooter shop and the apartment building on the east side have parking, but your best best is probably just to park in the driveway if it’s not occupied.