For some months now, there’s been a “coming soon” sign on the building at 3807 Gallatin advertising the upcoming arrival of Cloud IX Hookah Bar and Lounge. A sign appeared out front, and a couple months ago, a series of pop art portraits decorating the building. I do not know the artist, though I did see him working on them and kick myself for not getting his name. There is no signature, so it’s not one of the mural companies whose work I’ve featured before. Cloud IX is a project of iBustle (also known as Bustle per their logo), and as yet they have very little info out. When the bar is up and running, maybe I can track down the artist. The mural wraps around to the front side, featured below.

UPDATE: I’ve been contacted by one Doot.Doot of Nashville claiming to be the artist. Doot.Doot tells me there’s no website to link to or such – bit of a hermit it seems.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently it is open now and has been for a while. Unfortunately, I know this because of news of a shooting there.

UPDATE 3.0: This business has closed, and the murals have been vandalized.

UPDATE 4.0: This art has now been painted over. The panels are all plain white now.

Located at 3807 Gallatin Pike, next to Roma Pizza and Title Max at the corner of Gillock Street. Plenty of parking, particularly given that the bar has not opened yet. There’s a building permit on the front door, so you might have to compete with construction.


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