This quiet bit of whimsy is all that’s left of the Boscos in Hillsboro Village, which closed back in September 2014. Signs and advertisements can often long outlive the establishment they once promoted. How long this sign, located on the back wall of the old Boscos, will last is questionable. A new restaurant, Hopdoddy Burger Bar is slated to take over the space sometime this year, and it’s anybody’s guess if they’ll leave our tuxedoed server in a chef’s hat in place. Call it endangered art.

UPDATE: This piece has been painted over.

Located at 1805 21st Avenue South. The sign is on the back (west) side of the building facing the parking lot. It’s Hillsboro Village – have fun trying to park, and don’t expect it to be free. Check it out on your next excursion to HV, but you might want to make it soon. This sign might be gone at any moment.