Sometimes the light dawns. This piece carries the Rasmo tag you see in a lot of graffiti art installations around town, which is also often found with the “UH” tag. Gee, I wonder what “UH” might stand for. (Well, it actually seems to be used to mean many things.) Turns out #uhcrew is a tag on Instagram, and I need to go back and retag several of my posts. Learn something new every day. This is part of the huge installation I’ve been doling out in pieces at the old tire factory between 19th and 18th Avenues North near Herman Street. This piece faces south is on the southwest side of the complex, visible from 19th. The piece below is at right angles to the one above, facing west. See Part 1 for more information on this site, and see the link for Part 1 on the map.

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Located at the north end of the 800 block of 19th Street N., at the corner of Herman Street. It’s impossible to miss. Street parking is very haphazard. There is a lot of art to see here, and also a lot of overgrown weeds (depending on the time of year) so wear the right shoes!