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The Nations Wall – Part 6

Nations mural street art Nashville

This is the sixth in the series on The Nations Wall, a massive set of murals on the west-facing wall of Music City Tents and Events, organized by the Nashville Walls Project. It’s the sixth piece going from left to right (roughly north to south), and it’s by Audie Adams (who did the birds), Tess Erlenborn and Jon Buko (who collaborated on the letters). This is also the central mural in this gallery, and the one most often featured on social media and in articles about the mural scene in Nashville.

Images of the entire wall with all the murals together can be found in Part 1.

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Located at 5901 California Ave, Nashville, TN 37209. The murals actually face the 1300 and 1400 block of 60th Avenue North, across from the intersection with Pennsylvania Avenue. Street parking is possible nearby.

Mystery bird

Bird mural street art Nashville

Some months ago, this mural caught my eye while I was driving down Fourth Avenue, just before it merges with Second and becomes Nolensville Pike. It turned about to be on the back side of a building at 1281 Third Avenue. The building seemed to be under renovation, and some research shows that it is supposed to become Bar1281, a “pop-up” backyard bar with Hawaiian and  Japanese style food. It’s part of a larger development on this street being developed by Bento Box. It was also slated to open last October, but that date has come and gone without an opening. The mystery comes in the signature, which is probably “Stenz Art” but might be “Steitz Art.” Both have been complete rabbit holes to try to track down. While the bar is late in opening, construction on the back patio continues, and this shot is impossible to get any more, as the mural is now partially obscured.

Located at 1281 Third Avenue. There is some limited street parking on Third. As this is an active construction site, it might be best to wait until Bar 1281 opens to come and view the mural (and when you get some food and drinks to go with your art).

I see purple


Back when I blogged about the Mermaid House, the former owner contacted me. She let me know that there were more murals around back. Like the mermaid in front, this mural is the work of Brandon Donahue, who, like myself, is a professor at Tennesee State University. There is also something of a surprise here. For the most part, graffiti taggers are respectful of murals, but not this time. The style of the tag is one I’ve seen around East Nashville. “Editing” is always a possibility with outdoor art. The back fence of the yard of the house next door also has a colorful mural. (See the slideshow below.) It’s not signed and does not appear on Donahue’s website, so I’m not sure who made it. One notable detail on this second mural is the small “Hunter’s” sign. Hunter’s was an auto body shop that had extravagant signage a couple blocks from these houses, signage lost in the site’s recent renovation (though not completely – it does appear some of it is being saved).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Located in the alley behind at 1205 and 1203 Forrest Ave. Street parking is available. These are private homes, so be respectful.

Fire and Safety (Part 1)


I am definitely trying to stay away from multi-part posts, but some sites require it. Three sides of the Industrial Fire and Safety Inc. building on Ash have murals. On one side, we find a series of country and folk music legends (that isn’t quite finished). On the other two other themes are found, mostly stuff that flies. It seems to be mostly if not all the work of the Thoughts Manifested crew, a collection of mural and graffiti artists whose best-known work is probably the Johhny Cash mural on Molloy. I need to blog about that one soon. Given development in that area, I wonder about the future of the small building it’s on. This piece takes a little more effort to find, in the Pie Town neighborhood that still retains the warehouse/industrial atmosphere that was common south of Broadway before the boom years. The bird is featured on some of Thoughts Manifested’s other work, notably a nearby mural on Plaza Art facing 7th Ave, also awaiting a blog post.

Part 2 Part 3

Located at 608 Ash Street. The new Division Street extension complicates access somewhat. The mural above faces into a parking lot and alley on the north side of the building, on the opposite side from Ash. It’s easily accessed through the parking lot entrance on Ewing Ave between Middleton St and Fogg St, or down the alley that forks off of 6th Ave a little south of Lafayette Ave. Parking here is easy.

A bird in the bush


Some art is out in open, and some art is hidden. And some is just dang hard to get to – like this piece. To begin with, I don’t think I would have even seen it in the summer or fall. There’s a riot of vegetation right around it that usually would keep it covered. And it’s not anything you’d actually drive by. This is on the southwest side of a bridge on D.B. Todd that faces the backside of a warehouse. I caught a flash of color from over a block away; otherwise, I would have missed it. That riot of vegetation, even without leaves, made getting to it hard, and if it’s late summer, bring a machete. The piece has a few tags, notably TBS and SGK. While I couldn’t find information on those specifically, the Instagram account for magfour has a lot of #tbs tagged art and has the phrase “Takin By Surprise” in its motto. Not to mention several posts tagged #tennesseebombsquad. And this piece above is in fact posted at that account – so I think there’s a link. 🙂

Located on the SW corner of the bridge on D.B. Todd  Blvd. about a block north of Jo Johnston Avenue, near MLK Jr. Magnet School, and south of Herman St. This is just south of the Norf Wall project (for which I still have another four or five posts to finish up). Wear jeans and tough shoes, and in the warmer months, be prepared to really push your way through the greenery. This is definitely hidden art. I didn’t try it, but it looks like you might be able to walk along the south fence surrounding the warehouse on 19th Ave (600 block) that backs up to this mural.


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