Moist graffiti mural street art Nashville


Ordinarily, I’d use a better lit photo, but this is from the only set I have or ever will, because this installation has been erased. My photos from March 30 will have to do. There is a “moist” campaign in town. In The doomed graffiti wars of Madison Mills I noted the first instance of it in this blog, but there’s much more. A giant smokestack off the Jefferson Street bridge sports the word. And pay attention to electrical utility boxes. Often they have letters and numbers on them, made from those stickers you get at the hardware store, stuff that only makes sense to the electric company. Some clever folks have bought the same letters to add the word “moist.” Look around, you’ll find some.

This was located on a retaining wall just east of the Bagel Face at 700 Main Street, next to the Mapco at 702, behind the Turnip Truck on Woodland. You can still see traces, but every canvas has an owner.