Robert M. Dudley and Robert T. Creighton memorial Nashville
While walking to take pictures of the bridge for my last post, I couldn’t help noticing this lonely object off by itself. It’s no mystery why there would be a memorial to Robert M. Dudley and Robert T. Creighton in Centennial Park. Dudley was chairman of the Board of Parks Commissioners when Centennial Park was built, while Creighton was the chief engineer. It’s unfortunate that it’s been allowed to crumble in a less trafficked north-west corner of the park, though the question of who’s going to pay for its upkeep is likely at the root of that. The real mystery is what used to go in that metal base. It looks like a flagpole base — there’s a hole in it a pole would fit into nicely. As a memorial to the leaders of the park’s original construction, it could use some sprucing up.

If anyone knows what looked like whole, comment below!

Located in a grassy area near the corner of 31st Ave and Park Plaza.