Karr mural Nashville street art
First time I saw this mural advertising Karr Commercial (a real estate brokerage) I thought for a moment that was really a worker up there. The trompe l’oeil worked! In my defense, I only got a quick look from the road. On the other, I should have been focused on the road, not scanning for public art!

There is enough interest in public art in Nashville that there are well-established professional muralists in town. This was done by Michael Cooper, the master muralist at Murals and More. This is the first M&M piece I’ve featured on this blog, but it won’t be the last. They’ve done a lot of work around town. The piece is dated 11-08, which helps explain the trees. I’ve grabbed an older view from Google street view below, without the trees.

Located on the east side of 5633 Charlotte Pike. Best viewed from the parking lot of the Fifth Third bank next door.

trompe l'oeil street art mural Nashville