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Stratus skyline

Skyline mural street art Nashville

This lovely skyline with a bit of a watercolor vibe stretches the “public art” definition a little bit. It can be seen from Antioch Pike, but it’s definitely blink-or-you-miss-it. It’s found on the training center of the Nashville branch of Stratus Building Solutions, which bills itself as “leading the way in health and environmentally conscious commercial cleaning services.” It’s by Hannah Holgate, an artist who also is the Frame Shop manager at Jerry’s Artarama on Main Street (where she partnered with Marshall Hall to produce the mural on the facade of the art store, which I’ll post about later). She says it’s her first solo mural, which makes it a pretty good start! Hopefully, she will be doing more murals in the future.

Located at 2123 Antioch Pike. It’s located on a building behind the main building you see from the road, facing approximately north. There is parking here, but this is also a working business so you might want to ask politely before driving around to the back, particularly on a work day.

Hidden cow


Once there was a cow on the side of a supermarket. But an addition was built, which hid the cow, at least in part. But then a new cow appeared, and there was rejoicing in the land. Ok, maybe not. But it’s obvious from the picture above that there is a partially hidden mural at El Pueblito Super Mercado, which for better or worse was left in place when a storage shed was built in front of it. The shed advertises Los Potrillos Caniceria, which presumably provides meat for El Pueblito. To the best of my knowledge, “potrillo” means “colt,” but I doubt they are serving horsemeat. The Potrillos mural is signed by José F. Vargas, he of many other Latino grocery murals.  The half-hidden mural seems to be his style as well. There is a display of meats and fruits on the front that is probably also by Vargas, but it isn’t signed.

Located at 948 Richards Rd, at the corner with Antioch Pike. The market has lots of parking. Fill up your grocery bags and enjoy the art!

Gotta get that bling!


Of all the people producing outdoor art in Nashville, I think some of the least appreciated, certainly some of the least written about, are the people who decorate businesses that cater primarily to our international community, notably Latino businesses. Virtually every Latin grocery and convenience store in town is covered in art, usually advertising the wares inside or evoking images of Mexico and Central America. The pattern also sometimes extends to other kinds of businesses, like Bling Mart Jewelry (for which I can find no internet presence). Often, this art is found in places one doesn’t think of as arts destinations, like commercial clusters in the outer parts of the county. The artist for this signed it only as “Vargas,” but as is common with this particular art scene, there’s a phone number, and it matches the one for José F. Vargas, who produced the work in Mi casa es su casa. Bling Mart is on Antioch Pike and Mi Casa is on Dickerson Road, so Vargas gets around!

Located at 1708 Antioch Pike. The trailer sits in the parking lot of Doña Mari Tortilleria Carniceria, itself covered in art which I’ll post about at a later date. There’s plenty of parking, so fill up on tacos, get you some fine jewelry, and enjoy the art!

Diet? What diet?


Sally’s Famous Kitchen is not the sort of place you go to slim down. One look at their Instagram page will make that clear. It is the kind of place you go when you want to load up on freshly made stick-to-your-ribs soul food. And it’s also a good place to find some art. “Chilling” is the name of the piece above, found on the south wall, while “Jazz” is the piece below, found on the north. The Facebook signature above leads nowhere. AK seems to have deleted his artist page on Facebook, but you can find him and a gallery of his work on Fine Art America. That’s where I found the names. A Google Street View image from April 2016 shows that there also used to be a mural facing the road, apparently named “BB King’s Guitar,” but has been painted over for some reason. A screen capture is at the bottom of the page.

UPDATE: This building has been painted over. It may be that Sally’s has closed. There is some more art by the same artist on the north-facing wall of the market across the street. As yet it is not on the blog. It features cows.

Sally's FamousJazz

Located 2427 Antioch Pike, at the corner of Blue Hole Road. There is a plenty of parking at Sally’s. You might also park over by the Express Mart just down the road which has an interesting mural of its own I’ll feature later, but be warned. Despite the semi-rural character of this neighborhood, the Antioch Pike-Blue Hole Rd. intersection is a busy three-way stop with a lot of traffic. Load up on some serious eats and enjoy the art!



Mmmm, steak!


Outdoor art is abundant in some neighborhoods, rare in others. There is a direct relationship between how many local, independent businesses are in the area and how much outdoor art you’ll find. That’s why Nolensville Road or Jefferson Street have more art than large chunks of Lebanon Road. The Antioch area is a mix – at Antioch Pike and Haywood Lane, you don’t find much. But drive away from the main drag and some oddities pop up. Like this steak and ale at the 21 Club – “Paradise Found” – north of Haywood on Antioch.  It’s an odd building – looks like it used to be a gas station – and the bar has very little internet presence. Looks like a dive bar with music – and steaks and pelicans! No signature, but the art style is similar to that found on some Latino grocery stores.

Located at 1331 Antioch Pike, at the corner of Jansing Drive. Plenty of parking. The steak is on the north side of the building, while the pelicans are on the east, facing Antioch. Have a beer, enjoy the art!

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