Outdoor art is abundant in some neighborhoods, rare in others. There is a direct relationship between how many local, independent businesses are in the area and how much outdoor art you’ll find. That’s why Nolensville Road or Jefferson Street have more art than large chunks of Lebanon Road. The Antioch area is a mix – at Antioch Pike and Haywood Lane, you don’t find much. But drive away from the main drag and some oddities pop up. Like this steak and ale at the 21 Club – “Paradise Found” – north of Haywood on Antioch.  It’s an odd building – looks like it used to be a gas station – and the bar has very little internet presence. Looks like a dive bar with music – and steaks and pelicans! No signature, but the art style is similar to that found on some Latino grocery stores.

Located at 1331 Antioch Pike, at the corner of Jansing Drive. Plenty of parking. The steak is on the north side of the building, while the pelicans are on the east, facing Antioch. Have a beer, enjoy the art!