Of all the people producing outdoor art in Nashville, I think some of the least appreciated, certainly some of the least written about, are the people who decorate businesses that cater primarily to our international community, notably Latino businesses. Virtually every Latin grocery and convenience store in town is covered in art, usually advertising the wares inside or evoking images of Mexico and Central America. The pattern also sometimes extends to other kinds of businesses, like Bling Mart Jewelry (for which I can find no internet presence). Often, this art is found in places one doesn’t think of as arts destinations, like commercial clusters in the outer parts of the county. The artist for this signed it only as “Vargas,” but as is common with this particular art scene, there’s a phone number, and it matches the one for José F. Vargas, who produced the work in Mi casa es su casa. Bling Mart is on Antioch Pike and Mi Casa is on Dickerson Road, so Vargas gets around!

Located at 1708 Antioch Pike. The trailer sits in the parking lot of Doña Mari Tortilleria Carniceria, itself covered in art which I’ll post about at a later date. There’s plenty of parking, so fill up on tacos, get you some fine jewelry, and enjoy the art!