Merle Haggard mural Nashville street art
This Merle Haggard tribute on the southeast side of 2401 Clifton, right on the railroad tracks as you can see, is signed by the Miami artist who bills himself as @arive_msg. That’s the handle you’ll find him under at Instagram. And hey, isn’t “MSG” found round on the other side as part of that big graffiti installation? Why yes, I think it is.

UPDATE: The artist can be found at the Instagram account @arive_arts.

It bears some resemblance to the Johnny Cash memorial done by The Thoughts Manifested Crew at 300 4th St. South, which I’ll feature as soon as I can get a picture without cars parked in front! UPDATE: Here it is. Also, it would appear Bryan Deese was involved in producing this piece, hence the resemblance.


Again, 2401 Clifton Ave, southeast side, by the tracks.

Merle Haggard mural portrait Nashville srreet art