This Merle Haggard tribute on the southeast side of 2401 Clifton, right on the railroad tracks as you can see, is signed by the Miami artist who bills himself as @arive_msg. That’s the handle you’ll find him under at Instagram. And hey, isn’t “MSG” found round on the other side as part of that big graffiti installation? Why yes, I think it is.

UPDATE: The artist can be found at the Instagram account @arive_arts.

It bears some resemblance to the Johnny Cash memorial done by The Thoughts Manifested Crew at 300 4th St. South, which I’ll feature as soon as I can get a picture without cars parked in front! UPDATE: Here it is. Also, it would appear Bryan Deese was involved in producing this piece, hence the resemblance.


Again, 2401 Clifton Ave, southeast side, by the tracks.