Graffiti tag street art Nashville
This piece has been up at the industrial ruins at 5323 Centinneal Boulevard at least since March 2016. My graffiti reading skills are no match though. Either I can’t figure out the letters, or I can and the word doesn’t mean anything to me. Also on site is a smaller but equally boisterous tag. This is valuable property in The Nations, so I don’t expect this stuff to last.

UPDATE: The “ZEW” tag low to the ground has been lost to development.

Located at the intersection of Centinneal and 54th Avenue North, near the intersection with New York Avenue. It’s all fenced off, but a small gate near the crumbling wooden building on 54th was open when I took these pictures. An abandoned industrial site, so be careful.

Graffiti tags street art NashvilleGraffiti tag street art Nashville