Birds & man mural street art Nashville

This piece, located across the street from Cannery Row and a hop skip from the traffic circle with all those striped telephone poles going every which way, is not a random mural. It has two signatures – and Color Theory Studios. Brian Nash is an internationally known artist now living and working in Nashville. Color Theory Studios, which does “curation, business and arts consulting” and describes itself as a “paint studio that handles project and production management on public murals and more,” is run by Tinsley Dempsey. Dempsey has been a major promoter of public art in Nashville in recent years, both through her company and the Off The Wall project. Without her, we’d probably have a fair amount less art to crow about.

Located on the south side of 514 8th Avenue South, a locked-up building with lots of “no trespassing” signs next to a Premier Parking lot directly across from Cannery Row. Plenty of parking, but not much of it is free. Maybe wander over to check it out after an evening at a Cannery Row venue, or on a walking tour of downtown Nashville!