Vodka advertisement mural street art NashvilleThe M&M Discount Liquor and Wine building on Gallatin is malleable. A quick perusal of Google street view reveals some of its iterations. But what I think most interesting are the two very different current murals. Here we have a brash, very visible advertisement for New Amsterdam Vodka, with its easily understood vocabulary of iconic buildings (and art!) from downtown Nashville. But around back…..Below you see a much more abstract mural, one hidden from view, easily missed even by customers of M&M or the auto parts store next door. A curious thing — but hardly the only hidden art in town.

UPDATE: Not sure why I did not originally notice the “UH” in this mural, so credit to the UH crew.

Located at 2828 Gallatin Pike, on the south and east walls of the building. Plenty of parking.

Graffiti street art mural