Skull mural street art Nashville
One of the odder murals in town is this one, at the entrance to what had been the Slaughterhouse on Sixth Avenue. Skulls, lots and lots of skulls. It’s hard to say how long this will be here. There are two merged buildings here, and the other one is for sale. It’s not clear if this part is included, but even if not, it’s hard to imagine that property a stone’s throw from the convention center is going to keep a skull motif for long. For its part, Slaughterhouse itself has moved out to Lebanon Pike. I’d say this is definitely endangered art.

UPDATE: The mural has been dismantled as the building undergoes construction, but its pieces are still there, helping to block entrance to the site.

Located at 423 Sixth Avenue South, behind the Central Police Precinct building. You can probably park long enough for a quick peek in the lot of the office building across the street, but this is downtown, so good luck.