The older part of Vanderbilt University campus, roughly that part bordered by West End to the north and the medical center to the south, between 21st and 24th Avenues, is something of a sculpture garden. Scattered around the grounds are a few statues of people important in Vandy history, as well as some more abstract and “art for art’s sake” pieces. This is my favorite, the “Tree of Learning,” by Greg Wyatt (2000), a gift of the Newington-Cropsey Association. Look close and you’ll notice the trunks are made of human forms. The tree, appropriately, is directly in front of the entrance to the main library, though it wouldn’t look too out of place in front of a haunted house!

Located in front of the Jean and Alexander Heard Library on Library Lawn on the Vanderbilt campus. The library backs up onto 21st Avenue near the corner with Scarritt Place. If you know where SATCO is, just cross the street there and walk up the stairs straight ahead that lead up to Library Lawn. Parking anywhere near Vanderbilt is problematic. Expect to pay or walk a few blocks. Wander the grounds to see the rest of the sculptures. The library has open stacks, so pop in and learn something!