Graffiti tags street art Nashville

The complex at 1900 Warner, prominently labeled “Mimms Center,” was once the home of Malcolm and Associates, a lighting company, but it is now empty, though apparently it was recently purchased by developers. Which means the graffiti on the back side is not likely to survive much longer. I call this “dangerous steps” because I only made it to the top of the first set of steps. I would have had to cross a metal roof to get to the next set but said roof had lost its shingles and has rotted through in some spots, and I had no intention of putting my weight on it. I’ve also included a couple of less elaborate tags on the building, including one half hidden by a huge metal slab I decided not to try to move.

Located at 627 19th Avenue North/1900 Warner Street, within view of the Norf Wall Gallery. The tags are on the 19th Ave side, on the north side of the building. This is an abandoned industrial site, so be careful. It’s also likely to be a construction site soon.