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UPDATE: As of December 1, 2016, this mural no longer exists, painted over with dark gray paint. I’ll be looking to see if it is replaced with something else.

“Back in the Laboratory” is the new mural that replaces the less flamboyant mural that previously graced the west wall of the Salon Mogulz/Fancy Lash and Beauty Bar building on Main Street. It does, however, retain the “East Nash” tag up in the upper right corner that was seen in the previous mural. It’s certainly bolder, and can’t fail to grab the attention of anyone driving by. In the immediate area of this stretch of Main Street, there are several large graffiti style installations, such as And we’re back! It’s something of a signature of this part of the Five Points neighborhood.

UPDATE: This mural has been painted over.

Part 1

See the pin on the map for Part 1. Located on the west wall of 951 Main Street. 951 just has a few spaces, so on a weekday, use street parking on Finn Street just to the east. And hey, maybe it’s time for a new do!