This piece, on the south wall of Twelfth and Porter, went up almost precisely two years ago (your intrepid blogger aims always to be current) and is credited to the artist Kim Kennedy. Try looking for the “artist Kim Kennedy” in your favorite search engine. I found at least four. But I nailed it down to this woman, who is both a visual artist and a musician. I kind of like the work of Australian artist Kim Kennedy as well, but he did not come to Nashville to make this mural. The Kim Kennedy who made this mural is Nashville-based, so it wasn’t such a long commute. The musician depicted in the mural is Dave Baker, and, wouldn’t you know, there’s more than one musician by that name as well. The Dave Baker depicted here is a Nashville guitarist – but there’s also a recently deceased jazz composer by that name as well (who sported quite the beard himself).

Located, where else, at the intersection of Twelfth Avenue North and Porter Street. Parking during the day is fairly easy in this area, but at night you might have to compete with people going to a show.