Not all public art is easy to see, or even safe to get at. You will notice the oncoming traffic in this photo. “Light it Up” is the work of Troy Duff, found at @duffomatic and at his website. There are much better pictures of this work at his Instagram account. This went in as part of the very first “Light the Nations” festival, which looks to be a new entry in the neighborhood festivals scene here in Nashville. Just as Five Points always gets a big tomato painted in the middle of the intersection for the Tomato Art Festival each August, Light the Nations gets its own logo in the middle of the road. (The 2016 tomato is almost gone; the piece above, put down in late October, seems to be made of sterner stuff.)

Located on 51st Avenue North at the intersection with Indiana Avenue. Street parking is available on Indiana, or you can park at the new The Nations Bar and Grill. Check out the art, then get some grub!